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Hi! Welcome to BookishWanderess! 

This is the first post in this blog and I'm really excited! I started this blog mainly to share my love for books, but also my love for movies, tv shows, and music. I had a blog years ago, but it was quite different from this one because it was about a completely different subject. Now I want to talk about books which are, of course, my favorite subject. I have been reading book blog for a really long time and I also have been watching booktube videos for a while, so I know how many things work and I know a lot about the community (I don't really know how else to called it). Nonetheless, I haven't had a blog for a long time and I think it's gonna take a while to get used to blogging again. I hope some of you decide to share this journey of books, blogging and a few other things, with me. And I hope to get to know a lot of you and become friends with you. 

Thanks for reading this! 


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