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The Blogger Behind the Books | Book TAG


Welcome to The Blogger Behind the Books tag, put together by the Sky Blue team from Nori’s Book Blogger Creativity Project!

Our team wanted to learn more about each other, but we also wanted to incorporate the things that had brought us all together – books! So we put together this tag with a few different books and the conversations they started. I hope you enjoy it!

Describe a time you felt like you were on top of the world and could do anything

The day I got to the United States for my cultural exchange programme, I was in the airport and I got really scared when I got down the plane, because I found all this people, in this huge airport, everyone speaking a language that was not my first language, and I was there alone, really far away from home, really for the first time. I was really scared, but I was also really excited, and then the fear went away, not completely, but a little bit of it went away, and I felt like I could do anything 

Describe a time you were irrationally in love with someone or something when you know you shouldn’t have been.

I guess there was a time when I was completely obssesed with Tumblr, and I didn't sleep that much because I was online all the time, and in this time, I didn't hang out with my friends that much and I didn't want to go to family activities and special occassions. honestly, I didn't want to do anything else. I know this was because I felt like the people in Tumblr understood me better, and I think this was because at the time I was very different to my high school friends, we didn't care about the same thing. Now that I have my university friends, I don't use Tumblr as much.


A place or person that you can call home.

I think the answer to this has been my family for most of my life, then I got to university and now I have amazing friends that would fit in this category too. Also, in the last couple of months, I guess my boyfriend has given me this feeling of home, I'm so happy and he makes me feel great and he is always trying to help me grow as a person. 

Talk about what you love most. Your favorite things, people, books whatever.

This could be an entire blog post, but I guess what I love most are books and tv shows. I love both the Harry Potter movies and books, I love fantasy series and Throne of Glass is one of my favorites. I love other series like The Darkest Minds and The Raven Cycle. I just love books so much! I also love tv shows, I watch so many, I think I up to 10 tv shows a week, that I watch regularly. Right now, Sense8 is one of my favorites, I have watched every season of Grey's Anatomy, I used to love The Vampire Diaries, I still watched it, but it's not the same, and I also really like Teen Wolf.  I could keep going about books and tv shows forever, but I think this is enough for now. 

Talk about who (outside of your family) has been the most influential person in your life. 
I can't choose just one person, I think a lot my friends have influenced my life so much over the years and they have helped me grow. Also, my current boyfriend has been such an influence and he has had a really big impact in my life in a lot of ways. 

Do you feel like our society now are headed in the direction (or are already in a state) of a Dystopia.

I feel like not yet, we still have time to make changes. But I definitely feel like if you keep going like we are going, it's likely that we end up in a state of a dystopia book. 

Describe a moment where you felt like you where exactly where you were supposed to be, a moment where you felt on the right path. 

I really don't know. I think this is a feeling that it's a bit strange to me. I would say I felt like this during my cultural exchange, I think it was one of the best decisions of my life. 

Tell us about a person/experience that taught you to LIM (live in the moment).

I feel like the night I met my boyfriend taught me to live in the moment. I knew him, but we weren't friends, and I feel like that night I was LIM and having fun with my friends and he showed up and I had always thought he was attractive, so I just started talking to him and we danced, and without looking for it, I ended up with an amazing boyfriend.

The rest of Sky Blue also made post for this tag, so make sure you check out their blogs, too!

Also, anyone who wants to participate in this tag, please do it! You are tagged! 


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