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3 Books I Couldn't Finish | Bookish List


I usually finish all the books I start to read. DNF is not really an abbreviation that you're gonna see a lot on my blog. Sometimes I won't finish a book because I'm not in the mood to read that book, I'm not in the mood for that genre or I'm not in the mood to read at all, when that's the case I end up reading the book later on. But there's a few books that I started reading and I just couldn't finish. Here are the three books from that category (the books I couldn't finish) that I remember the most:

Alligent by Veronica Roth 

I want to start by saying that I was totally spoiled for this book; the night it was released I went to tumblr and there were spoilers everywhere. I immediately felt dread about reading it. I remember I was able to get my hands on this book the second or third day after it came out (I live in Colombia, so that not always the case with new releases), all the excited was gone, and I started to read it just to see if it was as bad as everyone was saying. I couldn't get into it, I made it to chapter nine and after that I gave up. I have never felt like reading this book after the first attempt. I will probably never read this book.

The Archived by Victoria Shwab

I  was really excited to read this book because I had heard amazing things about it and about Victoria Schwab's writing. I was incredibly disappointed when I started to read it. I read 15% of this book and I had to stop reading. I was really really bored, I'm not sure what was it, but I had to force myself to read most of the 15%  I made it through, and I decided it wasn't worth it. 

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

I had very high expectations for this book because there was so much hype around it.  Nonetheless, quickly after I started to read this book, I started to dislike it and I only made it through 30% of it. There was too much descriptions, and  I was very frustrated with the main characters because she said she was gonna do a lot of things and never did anything. But my main problems was the romance, it came out of nowhere, she was supposed to hate him and in the second night she already was falling in love with him. It was insta-love and the love interest was so boring. 

What's your opinion about this book? Did you like them or not? Do you think I should give a second chance to any of this books? Which books you couldn't finish? 


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