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Bookish Post Around the Web #6


Hi guys! This week was amazing. I found a few blogs that post about diverse books and I think that’s so important, so I wanted to promote them and their content. I love diverse books and I added a lot of books to my TBR thanks to some of these post. If you are interested I hope you check them out. Also, there are some post that I included because I found them interesting and useful. I hope you enjoy this post! 

1. I was looking for diverse books to add to my tbr and I found Maha on twitter. Her latest post was about her  7 most anticipated diverse reads of 2017  and there were so many wonderful books in that list that I knew inmidiately that I needed to follow her and share her post with you guys. 

2. I found another list of amazing recommendations about Books with Muslim Protagonist  posted in the amazing blog The Book Thieves. 

3. More and more diverse books, that's what we need! 

A thread of diverse 2017 book releases I'm super excited about
— Laura 🍁 (@bbliophile) 9 de diciembre de 2016

4. This time of years is just perfect for list about anticipated releases, I found them in so many blogs, but one of my favorites is 2017 Releases on my Radar. So many book to add to my TBR. 

5. I thought the next post was so useful! Here are some Gift Idead for Friends Who Don't Read (Spilers: They're All Books) 


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